APME 2018: Call for Participation

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Call for Participation: APME 2018   SUBMIT HERE 

June 24 – 27 2018

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)

The Association for Popular Music Education is pleased to announce a call for participation in the 2018 conference at MTSU, entitled “Shaping the Future of Popular Music Education”. Thirty-five miles outside of famed music city Nashville, TN, MTSU is home to The Center for Popular Music.  We welcome proposals for papers, presentations, workshops and performances from a broad range of contexts and perspectives.

Application Deadline is November 17th, 2017

Note: All accepted participants are required to be current members of APME and pay to register for the conference.


Topics for proposals could include, but need not be limited to:

  • Bounded and boundaryless careers
  • Classroom conundrums
  • Collegiality, communities, and collectives
  • Crossover musics
  • Curricula and assessment practices
  • Facilities and facilitation
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Innovative approaches to music teaching and learning
  • Leisure and lifelong learning
  • Populism and popularity
  • Reconciling commercial interests and educational aspirations
  • Urban musics

To assist with scheduling, this year’s conference will be organized into streams.  When you submit, please indicate the stream with which your presentation most closely aligns.  

  • Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) Voice Pedagogies and Practices
  • Instrumental Pedagogies and Practices
  • Higher Popular Music Education (HPME)
  • K-12 Education
  • Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Technologies in Popular Music Education
  • Movement and Dance


Paper presentations run 20 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions.

Pop 10

A “Pop 10” is a 10-minute TED-talk-style presentation, followed by discussion. The idea behind the Pop 10 is to present one compelling idea quickly, similar to a ‘lightning talk’.  

Panel Presentation

An hour-long session on a single topic with multiple presenters


Workshops are designed to share and inform, providing the opportunity for audience participation. Workshops are 50 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions.


Demonstrations are sessions that showcase a technique, method, project, tool, resource, pedagogical idea, etc. Demonstrations are scheduled for 20 minutes,  plus 5 minutes of questions.

Hall of Experience

The Hall of Experience will be an hour-long interactive session for all attendees.  This is a unique opportunity to interact with all participants in the conference. Maybe you have a unique idea you’d like to share with everyone. Maybe you’d like to try something out.  Do you have a poster you’d like to share with others?  This is the place for you.


Performing groups or individual artists from any educational setting are encouraged to apply. Performances are limited to 40 minutes, including an additional 60-minute workshop with an APME clinician.

Guidelines for Submission

Proposals for papers, Pop 10s, workshops, and demonstrations should include a summary of 200 to 250 words and provide a clear outline of each session’s content, procedures, and equipment needs.

Guidelines for Performance Proposals

Proposals for music (or multi-media) performances should a bio and music/video examples via a link to e.g. Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, or a website.   

Application Deadline is November 17th, 2017