Popular music stands as a vital part of our modern lives. A valuable form of artistic expression, it embraces all facets of the human experience.  It blends art with contemporary culture and tradition to make relevant the ever changing now.

The mission of the Association for Popular Music Education (APME) is to promote and advance popular music at all levels of education both in the classroom and beyond.

APME was created to advocate for popular music education and its advancement as a discipline.  It provides educational opportunities for teachers and students, honors the rich history of popular music, and develops innovative ways to create, perform, and teach it.  APME also serves to bring together all involved in the pursuit of teaching and making popular music at all levels including higher education, public school modern band and contemporary music programs, music companies, manufacturers, and popular music organizations.

APME Goals & Objectives

  1. To promote the education of popular music (advocacy)
  2. To create educational opportunities for educators and students of popular music at all levels
  3. To identify, develop, and promote best practices in the teaching and learning of popular music
  4. To encourage a connection between the music industries and popular music education
  5. To foster collaboration among artists, teachers, scholars, and organizations to advance popular music